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Do you have a need to add some living space to your home?

An addition not only gives you added space, but can also be a sound investment. Additions vary in size and cost, maybe it's an office, sunroom, bedroom, in-law suite or whole new level that you desire. We pride ourselves in providing our customers with high quality products, great craftsmanship, and complete attention to details.

We would be happy to carefully discuss, in detail, your options in order to arrive at the design that best suits your lifestyle.

Job A


MiddletownC_01_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_06_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_19_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_07_ThumbNail.jpg
MiddletownC_10_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_31_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_32_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_15_ThumbNail.jpg
MiddletownC_40_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_36_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_37_ThumbNail.jpg MiddletownC_43_ThumbNail.jpg

Job B



NewBritainC_02_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_04_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_07_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_13_ThumbNail.jpg
NewBritainC_18_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_21_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_22_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_24_ThumbNail.jpg
NewBritainC_25_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_32_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_20_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainC_19_ThumbNail.jpg

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