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Complete Remodeling

When you have home remodeling needs, you want a reliable and experienced home improvement company. Maybe you're interested in remodeling a portion of your home or in a complete remodel. Whatever your home improvement needs are, Westhill Contractors LLC is here to assist you. We will discuss with you all the stages of the home remodeling process including permits, blueprints, foundations, framing, plumbing, electrical, flooring, windows, doors and trim, paint, and roofing.

Our goal is to provide you with a home that is a reflection of your vision and best suits your needs, while making your experience during the remodeling phase a positive one.

We feel that communication throughout the remodeling process is the best way to achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

Job A


NewBritainB_01_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_02_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_29_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_04_ThumbNail.jpg
NewBritainB_06_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_13_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_14_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_10_ThumbNail.jpg
NewBritainB_23_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_24_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_08_ThumbNail.jpg NewBritainB_16_ThumbNail.jpg

Job B



PortlandA_01_ThumbNail.jpg PortlandA_02_ThumbNail.jpg PortlandA_12_ThumbNail.jpg /PortlandA_11_ThumbNail.jpg
PortlandA_15_ThumbNail.jpg PortlandA_16_ThumbNail.jpg PortlandA_17_ThumbNail.jpg /PortlandA_20_ThumbNail.jpg
PortlandA_23_ThumbNail.jpg PortlandA_28_ThumbNail.jpg PortlandA_26_ThumbNail.jpg /PortlandA_27_ThumbNail.jpg

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